Thursday, July 31, 2014

Picture Frame Memo Board

I've been busy getting my classroom together for back to school.  I took my new step stool in, and it looks fantastic!  I also LOVE the orange fabric that was used on the seat part, so I decided to use it to make a memo board.

I found an old photo frame and spray painted it with the leftover green from the stool.  I happen to love the green, too!

While it dried, I took the glass and added a layer of glue.

 I SHOULD have spread it around, but I didn't.  Next time I will spread it around so there's a layer over the whole glass.  Smooth your fabric over the glass.

Now add the glue to the top of the fabric. . .

. . . and paint it on.  We're trying to make it really stiff and somewhat waterproof.

Let it dry.  When it dries, it will be stiff, like cardstock.  You can trim it at this point to the edge of the glass, or if you are lazy like me, fold it under.  Put it into your frame and put on the back. 

I was pretty lucky.  The back of this frame had loops to hang it so I just threaded some ribbon through.

You are done!  Hang and enjoy!
I wanted to be able to showcase different quotes and change them out weekly.  I thought about adding a clip to the fabric but I decided to just go old fashioned and use tape, instead.  I have some fun washi tape that I will tape a quote inside weekly.

It's not as convenient as a clip, but it's easier!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Utility Step Stool ReDo

I promised an awesome project and I am delivering that RIGHT NOW!!!  This is a project I did with my daughter this weekend and it was under ten bucks.

Here it is:

This one was super fun and super easy.

We found the stool at a garage sale for a dollar.  It was covered with paint and rust and actually had a smell.  We started by taking it apart.  Lots of it was riveted on and I didn't know how to take it apart without ruining it so we rethought our color scheme. . . I didn't want to have to tape anything.

We ripped off the rubber cover on the bottom step.  It was icky and smelled.

I took the ripped vinyl seat off.  It actually hammered in with little button thingies.

The fabric is a piece of printed duck fabric.  It's thick and will handle being stepped on.  I recovered it using my staple gun.  I also used a piece of an old mattress cover I saved to use as a liner when I needed one.  

We spray painted with two and three coats.  

Spray Paint was on sale at ACE Hardware for three dollars a can.  Yeah!

I couldn't find an old rubber mat to cut to fit into the place where I pulled off the stinky rubber.  I used a placemat I bought at the dollar store and cut to fit.  I glued the pretty side down and left the non skid side up.  I also gave it a quick squirt of the gray spray paint we covered the chrome with.

I love the result!  I plan on taking this to my class.  It will be a good stool for the front of the room and a great thing to have when I need to reach something higher than I can reach.

I'm pretty excited about this one! 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm Back. . . .

I had a lovely vacation a few weeks ago.  I piled the kids in the car, drove 1200 miles and stayed with my folks.  We went camping, inner tubing, sledding on the sand dunes, ATV riding, shooting and, pretty much, had a blast.  When I lay in my old room, in my old bed, I can't remember WHY I ever wanted to grow up and leave home. 

I'm home, and up to my elbows in laundry, preserving and getting my classroom ready for school in three weeks.  I took a break and the kiddo and I managed to almost complete a project today.  

It's not quite done, so this is a teaser.  It started like this: 

And took a little bit of this:

And is turning into something fabulous.  I will post SOON!!!

I'm really pleased with the result and with the final cost.  Total cost of this redo was less than ten bucks, and that includes the cost of the step stool.  I found that piece for a dollar at a garage sale!

I am sad my vacation is over but glad to be home.  Thanks for hanging in there and checking to see if I've posted recently!