Thursday, April 10, 2014

Washi Taped Folder

Another Washi Tape project!

My daughter needed a folder for music.

We made this:

It is a cheap, fifteen cent folder we bought at the beginning of the year.  We cut out the letters for 'music' and put tape on the bottom third.  You can't see it very well, but there's tape under the yellow.

That shot's a little better.

Hindsight being what it is, we should have given the folder a coat of white paint so the washi tape showed up better.  Washi tape is somewhat transparent so the chevrons on the bottom kind of got lost.

We gave it a light coat of mod-podge to seal it and it's finished!  It holds her music for her recorder. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Stuff's On Etsy!

Some big news. . .

My daughter and I have been having lots of fun and making lots of things.  We're slowly getting stuff up on Etsy for sale and we are very excited about this step!

Today, I spent some time listing some of our awesome upcycled necklaces.  Take a peek:

Those are vintage clip on earrings that we turned into pendants.

We have lots more stuff and we'll be putting more up every day. . . or so.  You can check out our store here:

Creative Thriftiness Etsy Store

Because I'm so thoughtful, I'm going to make a page for it at the top of my blog.  You should see it up at the top, right hand side, if I've done it right.

And, because I'm such a nice person, and generous, too (ha!) I'm giving all my readers a coupon code to use through May 1st.  Buy something from my Etsy shop and get twenty percent off.   Since my stuff is dirt cheap inexpensive anyway, this is a great deal!  Make sure to use coupon code CTONETSY.  (Creative Thriftiness on Etsy).

Let me know what you think!  Keep checking the shop. . . more to come soon!  Lots more, and hopefully real soon.  We've got to get some of this stuff new homes!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Using Rub-Ons on Plastic

I recently put together a basket for a co-worker that is having twin boys.  Twins!

I put towels, a hair brush, wash cloths, a rubber ducky and baby washes all in a plastic beverage bucket.

The bucket was blah, so I added rub-ons.  It was super easy and took well.  I gave it a light coat of mod-podge to seal it all in.

Quick and easy.  I used letters I had on hand so it cost nothing to jazz up the bucket a little bit!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painting A Backdrop

I was feeling kind of guilty because I've posted twice in the last two weeks and a bit.  I'm in the middle of something kind of cool. . . a joint project with my daughter. . . and that, along with another big project (super secret, maybe I'll tell you later), is taking up my time.  That, and work, making dinner, laundry, keeping the house clean, paying bills, etc.

I grabbed my camera, thinking that I probably had a project I did before I got super busy.

There were seventy pictures.

I did a few more projects than I realized.

This one was done a month, or so, ago.  My daughter and I decided to paint a reusable backdrop for one of my bulletin boards at school.  You could use it for a bulletin board, or you could do it smaller, and use it as a backdrop for pictures or to hang in a room or some other brilliant use for this easy project.

This one was super easy, folks.  

I bought five yards of fabric from WalMart in a pale blue.  Lucky me, it was $1.98 a yard.  It's not thick, just cheap broadcloth.

I used green and white paint to create the clouds and grass.  I used acrylic.  I don't need to wear it, so the fabric getting crusty didn't bother me. 

I plan on using this a lot.  Right now, it's part of a beach scene so I covered up the grass with blue paper to be the ocean.  Give it a month, and I'll take off the beach and add some flowers, totally using the grass.  It will work well for the fall boards, too, when I put up my trees.