Sunday, July 20, 2014

Utility Step Stool ReDo

I promised an awesome project and I am delivering that RIGHT NOW!!!  This is a project I did with my daughter this weekend and it was under ten bucks.

Here it is:

This one was super fun and super easy.

We found the stool at a garage sale for a dollar.  It was covered with paint and rust and actually had a smell.  We started by taking it apart.  Lots of it was riveted on and I didn't know how to take it apart without ruining it so we rethought our color scheme. . . I didn't want to have to tape anything.

We ripped off the rubber cover on the bottom step.  It was icky and smelled.

I took the ripped vinyl seat off.  It actually hammered in with little button thingies.

The fabric is a piece of printed duck fabric.  It's thick and will handle being stepped on.  I recovered it using my staple gun.  I also used a piece of an old mattress cover I saved to use as a liner when I needed one.  

We spray painted with two and three coats.  

Spray Paint was on sale at ACE Hardware for three dollars a can.  Yeah!

I couldn't find an old rubber mat to cut to fit into the place where I pulled off the stinky rubber.  I used a placemat I bought at the dollar store and cut to fit.  I glued the pretty side down and left the non skid side up.  I also gave it a quick squirt of the gray spray paint we covered the chrome with.

I love the result!  I plan on taking this to my class.  It will be a good stool for the front of the room and a great thing to have when I need to reach something higher than I can reach.

I'm pretty excited about this one! 

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