Sunday, June 29, 2014

T-Shirt Refashion #2

One more. 

I'm actually very happy with this one.  The shirt was a quarter at a garage sale.  I tossed it into the dye bath after tying a few knots in it.  I was just playing around.

I liked how it came out but the shirt was a man's XL and I am big, but not that big.  I liked the length but wanted some shape.

The sleeves hung at an awkward length, so I went ahead and flipped the shirt inside out and tucked the sleeve back inside.

I then sewed around that seam, effectively pulling up the sleeve and the entire shirt in.

I then altered it like I altered the shirt in the previous post.  I laid a t-shirt that fit over the top, drew around it and took it in. 

I might have taken a tad too much because this cotton isn't exactly loose and flowing cotton like my nice fitting t shirt.  However, I tend to hang my clothes to dry so it will probably be just fine.

This was definitely a more drastic refashion and I'm pretty pleased with the results.  I'm also done sewing.  Done.  Very, very done.  The machine is put away and I am not going to pull it out for a few months!

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