Friday, June 20, 2014

Kids Can Make It #6: Fringed T-Shirt Bag (No Sew)

This is the last one in the "Kids Can Make It" series, folks!  I had a lot of fun thinking these up and executing them with my daughter.  There were some fails, yes, sir, there was!  But, we had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun failing!

In three days we'll be back to our "normal" postings.  Normal is relative.

Today we are making. . . . (wait for it. . . )

This one is quite versatile!

You start with a t-shirt or some other knit clothing.  Knits don't unravel like cottons, so a knit is a good choice.  We used an old sundress.

 Cut a square out of the fabric.  We decided to leave the bottom hem intact.  The square needs to be half again as big as you want your bag.  It will be smaller when you fringe it.
The square doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see!

Cut a fringe around the entire bag.  I cut my strips about 1 3/4 inches long.  I wanted extra room to knot.  That weird square that's in the corner?  Cut that out and throw it away.

Don't fringe the top.  We kept the top where our hem was.

Tie the fringe together all the way around.  You're tying the top of the bag to the bottom of the bag.

Almost done!  You need a strap!  Cut a strip of fabric from the scraps of your shirt.  You might need to tie pieces together to make your strap long enough. That's okay.  This whole bag is knotty!

Tie the strap under the first few knots on each side.  Knot it tight and trim the end.

You are done!  This bag won't hold anything small, because there's tiny holes all the way around.  It would be a good bag for a book and a towel, or a great bag for someone's art pad and the pouch she keeps her pencils in.

The fun thing about this bag is that you can make it any size, depending on the garment you are cutting up!  It would be fun to do this with a logo t-shirt and to use the bag for groceries or produce when you are shopping.  Possibilities are endless!

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