Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kids Can Make It #5: Glitter Pendant

We're half way through June!  I'd like the month to slow down a bit. . .

This is what we're making today:

Supplies and Cost:

One Bezel.  I like the cheap ones.  You can get them for a buck or two. . . this one was $1.47
Dimensional Magic Mod Podge  (Did you buy this stuff, yet?!?!  It's about $6 a bottle and you can use a coupon!  You will get a ton of projects out of this.)

Ignore my photo of the Magic Gloss.  I thought I was going to use it but it needs sunlight to cure and today was definitely overcast.  I used dimensional magic.

Put a layer of glue in the "cup" of the bezel.  Press some glitter in there.

You can use different colors or stick with one.  I decided to use some big glitter.  It's not a very fine powder, but rather quite chunky.  I tried to get a close up photo and it didn't work out.  I don't remember where I got it but it's lasted me YEARS!

Let the glue dry and dump out the extra.  Fill up the cup with your dimensional magic.

Lay it flat and let dry.  Add a chain and wear!

The total cost for me on this was $1.47 plus tax.  I had to buy the bezel but I had the glitter, the dimensional magic and the chain.

It's also quite fancy.  This is going in my rotation to wear to work.

Check back in three days for another "Kids Can Make It" project!  Thanks for sticking with me!

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