Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kids Can Make It #2: ID Badge Clips

This is a fun craft for the kids that they can either give as a gift to someone who uses ID badges or, if they're like my kids, they can use it themselves when school starts back up in the fall.  My kiddos have ID badges for their school.

Supplies Needed and Cost:

Package of Badge Clips:  $1 for three clips (found at the dollar store)
Glitter or fancy paper:  on hand
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic:  about $6 for a bottle that lasts a long time!  Use a Joann's coupon for this and get it cheaper.  I had some leftover from another bunch of projects.

Start by coating the top of the badge with glue.  I just used Elmer's School Glue.

Coat the top with glitter. . . 

. . . or cut a piece of fancy paper to fit the top.

Add a layer of dimensional magic. . .

. . . and let dry.  Clip your badge to it and wear!
You can see where I messed up and had some air bubbles in the dimensional magic.  I should have used a pin to pop it.  I didn't notice them in time.

This project cost me a dollar for the three because I had everything else on hand.  I love using dimensional magic and would highly recommend picking up a bottle.  You'll find lots of fun uses for it and it lasts a long time.

Check back in three days for another "Kids Can Make It" project.

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