Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kids Can Make It #1: Earring Organizer

Summer has started and my children are already bored.  Lovely.

I thought I'd do a half dozen (or so) projects that are perfect for kids and cost-friendly.  Here's the first.

This one is pretty easy and cheap!  Here's a breakdown of the supplies you need and the cost.

Frame (use one you have on hand or go to a thrift store.  I paid a buck for mine)
Plastic Canvas (59 cents for the colored ones, 49 cents for white.  Look near the yarn.)
Hot Glue
Rhinestones or fabric to decorate
Paint for the frame (optional)

Gather your supplies. . .
Take the glass out of the frame.  It should be an empty frame.  Paint it if you want.

Cut your plastic canvas to fit inside your frame.  I used the glass as a template.

Hot glue the canvas to the inside of the frame where the glass went.

Decorate your frame.  I made a little flower out of felt and t-shirt material.

I also added rhinestones to bling it up a bit.  Hang earrings inside and hang on the wall!

You can drag this project out for a bit, depending on how much they decide to decorate the frame. 

Total cost:  $1.59 plus tax.  I had the stuff to make the flower, the paint and the rhinestones on hand.

Check back in three days for my next "Kids Can Make It" craft!

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