Monday, May 19, 2014

T-Shirt and Felt Flowers

This post was written months and months ago.  I saved it as a draft and didn't bother to publish it.  Whoops!

I cleaned out the kids' closets this weekend and found a bunch of stained, too small t shirts.  While watching the Super Bowl, I cut out circles and shapes of the t-shirts and some coordinating felt and made flower pins.

As you can see, I made a few!  The backs have 1 1/2 inch pins on the back so these can be added to hats (wouldn't they be nice on a stocking hat. . . spring up winter gear) or to a scarf, shirt or sweater.

These are crazy easy.  Start by cutting some shapes.  Layer them until you get the look you like and then glue with washable fabric glue.  Sew a button in the middle and add your pin to the back.

These will eventually make it to our Etsy store.  Eventually.

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