Sunday, May 25, 2014

So You Got Yourself Grounded. . .

The summer months are here!  The kids are out of school and the RELAXING has begun.  (Insert sarcastic snicker here.)

The nice thing about the kids being out of school is that they can pick up the slack and help out a little bit more.  Do they want to?  No.  Do they have to?  Yes.

They also manage to get into a little bit more trouble.  I've always allowed the kids to get out of trouble by doing some "hard labor" but I didn't really have a system for it.  I recently saw another mom's point system and thought it was a good idea.  We made our own.

Here it is: (please excuse the cursor at the beginning of the "You".  It's not really there.  I got lazy and took a screenshot instead of taking a photo.)

The idea is pretty simple.  They commit a crime.  I ground them and decide how mad I am how many points they need to earn to properly rectify the situation.  They decide how they want to earn those points.

They have to clear the chore with me prior to doing it.  For example, they can't pick a kitchen cabinet that doesn't need organizing to earn their points.  They have to offer to do it to earn the points.  If I ask them to, they still have to do the chore but they don't earn the points.  The kids know that they have to unload the dishwasher every morning.  If I have to ask them to, they still have to unload it but they don't get their fifty points.  However, if a child makes arrangements with me to do it and lets the sibling know they're off the hook, they can earn the points.  Make sense?

This won't take the place of chores.  There are just things you have to do because you are a part of our family.  This is extra.  

I've also left a blank space on the bottom.  I thought the kids could come up with suggestions.

I presented it to the kids tonight.  Their reaction surprised me.  My son seemed intrigued; I found out he likes the idea of seeing exactly how much he was going to have to do to get ungrounded.  My daughter was more concerned with what crimes got what point value.  I did tell the kids that the "average" grounding would probably be five hundred points.  

I'm curious if anyone's tried something like this.  I have always hated the traditional grounding and we don't do that here.  The kids have always had to earn their privileges back through work. Having my kids sitting around, not allowed to play with friends, punishes me, too.  Who wants that?

What are your thoughts?  How do you "ground" your kid?

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