Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No-Sew Table Runner

I have a large bar in the middle of my kitchen.  It's not fancy; it's just a big counter top.  It's constantly being used.  It has stains, cuts and spots where the laminate has come away and you can see the brown speckling though.  Someday, when I have nothing better to spend the money on, I will put in something fancy.  Until then, I wanted to put a table runner over the top.

Problem was, it's a weird size.  The table runners were all too big.  I still needed work space and I needed something durable.

I made one.

This one was pretty easy and completely no sew!

You need: 
Two pieces of fabric
One piece of Heat N Bond (thick)

I chose two pieces of leftover fabric from my stash.  I used a piece of the tablecloth from my pantry re-do and a piece of fabric leftover from my bulletin boards.

Iron the Heat N Bond on to the thinner piece.  Pull of the paper and iron it on to the other piece of fabric.  Because I used something that had a plastic coating, I was very careful and covered it with another piece of fabric so I didn't make a mess on my iron.

Trim.  You don't need to sew because the Heat N Bond will keep it from fraying.

It's working great.  I like that it's two sided and I can flip it if I want to. I also love the custom size!

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