Thursday, May 22, 2014

Decorate Your Scissor Blades

Have you seen those awesome scissors in the stores with the funky blades?  The ones that are fifteen bucks apiece?

You can make your own with a dollar store pair of scissors!  Save some money!

You need:

A pair of scissors to decorate
Scrapbook Paper for the blades
Glue (I like E6000)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Emery Board

Start by cutting out a rectangle of paper that will cover your blades.  Curve the edge so it fits up next to the handle.  (I cheated and used a round punch for this.)  Use the glue to glue them on to your blades.

At this point I am going to apologize for my photos.  I made a few different pair of scissors at different times.  It would be too much to ask me to photograph ONE pair of scissors from beginning to end, obviously, so each photo will be a different pair of scissors at that particular stage.  If you're not confused by the end, my congratulations!

Back to the tutorial. . . .

Let the glue completely dry.  If you didn't get part of it glued down, add more glue and wait.  It's especially important that the tips and the edges are glued solid.

When it's dry, trim around it with a pair of scissors and then use a file to file it down closer.

I used this file and went in the direction of the blade, not against it.  It was a very quick process.

 The blue one has not been filed, the black one has.  See the difference? 

Now's the fun part!  Add a layer of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on one blade, right over the top of the paper.  Let it dry completely before flipping over and doing the other blade.  Each blade needed to dry for 24 hours at my house. 

When they're dry, take an emery board and file the edges to smooth away the lumpy bumpys.

Finished!  Very cute and very functional!  Add a bit of ribbon and a tag to the handle and you have a sweet gift to give. 

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