Tuesday, May 13, 2014

$20 Raised Garden Bed

Every year towards the end of the school year, in that magical time where grades have already been submitted but the kids still have a week of school left, I take the kids out of school for our annual "Day of Hookie".

This year, my daughter threw a monkey wrench into the plans.  She got the flu.

She's been out for a few days and I didn't feel like we could take an additional day off.  My hubby already took a day off work to stay with her and I missed a meeting. . . it doesn't look like it's in the cards this year.  I promised the kids we'll do our Day of Hookie in the summer. 

Today she was feeling better, but was still headachy.  It's Field Day at her school and she decided to stay home; this tells me she isn't quite up to snuff.  I offered my son the option of skipping today.  He debated (they're on day two: Dissecting Rats in Science) but the lure of a day of laziness was enough to keep him here.  He's started showing an interest in power tools and building things so we decided to make a bed to grow our potatoes in.  It took less than an hour, twenty bucks and some help from a cute lil man.

I'm not sure what's up with the photo.  There's really not shiny, squiggly things between the boards.  They're TIGHT!!!

We started with eight cedar fence pickets.  These babies are six feet long, six inches wide.   They're a tad more than two bucks, per.  Make sure you don't use treated ones.  You don't want the chemicals in your veggies.

You also need one 2x4.  We got ours of the scrap pile in the back of Home Depot.  Love that scrap pile!  If you don't care what it looks like, you can get it for next to nothing.  Like a buck.

I cut the 2x4 into 21 inch lengths.  You need four.  If you use an eight foot board, you get a bit left over which we tossed into the burn pile.

Cut two feet off the top of each of the pickets.

You will also need some screws.  We always have a ton laying around and we used part of a box we had.  You'll have to add that to your shopping cart if you don't have the hardware.

Start fastening them together!  We took two of the 2x4s and started screwing the two foot cedar lengths to them.  My son said it looked like we were making a fence. 

Yes, he did all the work!  Sorry, ladies.  This little guy is mine for the time being!

Make two. . .
This is the hard part that is nice to have two people for.  We stood them up on the garage floor and started fastening the four foot lengths to the ends.  I balanced, he drilled.

Flip and repeat.

Admire your work.

This was the point he tried to lift it and then asked how we were going to get it into the back yard.  He even offered to go get his dad. . . silly boy.  His momma is WAY smarter than that!   We loaded it up on to the dolly and took it into the backyard, easy peasy! 

So here's the great part.  This bed is almost two feet high.  (Six inch boards aren't really six inches.  Go figure.)  This is going to be where I plant my potatoes this year.  I plan on doing the potatoes in a barrel planting method but using this instead of a barrel, which is why I wanted the height.  If you don't want your beds this high, you could make TWO beds for the same price.  Or FOUR!  It's way cheaper than those raised bed kits you find at the store!

Happy Gardening!

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