Monday, April 7, 2014

My Stuff's On Etsy!

Some big news. . .

My daughter and I have been having lots of fun and making lots of things.  We're slowly getting stuff up on Etsy for sale and we are very excited about this step!

Today, I spent some time listing some of our awesome upcycled necklaces.  Take a peek:

Those are vintage clip on earrings that we turned into pendants.

We have lots more stuff and we'll be putting more up every day. . . or so.  You can check out our store here:

Creative Thriftiness Etsy Store

Because I'm so thoughtful, I'm going to make a page for it at the top of my blog.  You should see it up at the top, right hand side, if I've done it right.

And, because I'm such a nice person, and generous, too (ha!) I'm giving all my readers a coupon code to use through May 1st.  Buy something from my Etsy shop and get twenty percent off.   Since my stuff is dirt cheap inexpensive anyway, this is a great deal!  Make sure to use coupon code CTONETSY.  (Creative Thriftiness on Etsy).

Let me know what you think!  Keep checking the shop. . . more to come soon!  Lots more, and hopefully real soon.  We've got to get some of this stuff new homes!

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