Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rounded Corners on a Minky Blanket. . . Without Satin Binding

I had another crafting fail.  This one was salvageable but I wasted a couple of bucks on a package of binding and I wasted a couple of hours with a seam ripper.  Not my brightest idea.

There's a co-worker who is having a baby.  It's her second baby, but first boy.  I wanted to make her something small, something sweet and something for her boy.

I have a problem.  I love to look at fabric in stores and online.  I go, peruse down the aisles (or click away on the pictures) and forget that I hate to sew.  I hesitate to say that I can't sew, because I can.  I just don't want to.  I hurry through it.  I don't measure.  I don't pin.  I don't take the time I need.  Even if I have the best of intentions, I will eventually give in to my inner ADD self, push the petal to the floor and start whirring through my project.  It will usually end up like crap.

I have seen photos and tutorials for making minky blankets online.  They're gorgeous and, if you've ever touched minky, you know it's like rubbing your face on the side of a puppy.  It's that soft, that luxurious.  I wanted to make a minky blanket.  I wanted to make one so bad.

I bought the prettiest chevron minky and waited until it came in the mail.  I trucked that minky down to Hobby Lobby and bought a pretty satin binding in the most beautiful shade of blue to put on the edge of this beautiful minky blanket I had envisioned in my head.
I wanted the corners to be rounded because, for some reason, I thought this would make it extra special.  I took my extra special dinner plate and my extra special sharpie and I traced an extra special line around the corners, after folding the minky in half. 
I cut it. . .
. . . and got my extra special rounded corner. 

I looked online for how to put satin binding on rounded corners and I found some tutorials that looked promising.  I used a lot of pins, used a needle and thread to gather the satin and pinned some more.  It was a big step for me to be using pins. 

Then I sewed it.  I was extra careful and even went slow around the corners.  Kind of.

I snipped the gathering thread, took out the pins and ended up with this.

Ugg.  Not something I'd be proud of gifting and definitely not something I'd be thrilled to receive.

I thought it might be that the stitching was too far in.  I went around a second time, tacking the binding closer to the edge.  Did it help?  No.  It actually made it worse. 

I spend another half hour ironing all around the binding, thinking that it just needed a little tweeking.  Ha!  Then I showed it to my daughter, thinking I might be being too tough on myself.  Nope.  She agreed it was crap.

I sighed, turned on an NCIS rerun and started unpicking.

Two hours of Leroy Jethro Gibbs later, it was unpicked and I was about ready to throw the whole thing into a closet and think about it later.

But, the siren call of the minky was beckoning.   Evil stuff.  It's just so touchable.

I flipped the minky, pretty sides together, and pinned.  I sewed. . .

. . .flipped it right side out, pinned and sewed again.(notice the dirty green zebra stripe socks on the table?  Classy, right?!?)

The result:

This was much better and something I'm willing to gift.  It took a lot of time and effort but that was mostly my fault.  Mostly.

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