Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gifting Towels

Every time I walk into Target, I check out the dollar section.  Sometimes, especially around the holidays, they will have printed waffle towels for a buck.  I always look for ones that are not holiday specific and I grab a few.

For Valentine's Day, my kids gave some of our family friends towels.  This is fun to do for any season or any reason.  You can change the cut out to reflect the occasion.

They are very easy to make.  Start by printing out your message on a piece of cardstock.  Make sure to change the orientation of your paper to "landscape".  You can fit two per piece of cardstock.

Cut the paper in half. . .
. . .and cut out a shape.  I used a Sizzix to cut out a heart for Valentine's Day.  You could easily free hand something.

I added Washi Tape at this point.  The first one, I folded the washi tape over so that all the stickiness was stuck to paper.  The next two I let them stick to the towel.  I like that way better.

Fold the towel.  Center the message over the front part of the towel and fold the edges under.

I used clear tape on the back to hold it together.

This just cost me three dollars for the three towels.  I had the two pieces of cardstock and the washi tape at home.  Not too bad for three gifts!

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  1. What a cute idea. So cheap too! I've been looking through a lot of your posts. I love the little glass candle holders you made too!

    Ila from He Has MS