Sunday, February 9, 2014

Using Sharpie Paint Markers

The number of mugs on the internet that have been Sharpied has got to be in the millions.  Let's add a few more!
I recently put in a big order with Amazon.  After you get $35 in your cart, you can get free shipping on thousands of other things.  I put these in my cart because they were cheaper than Michaels (eight bucks) and I got free shipping.
I loved the colors and I also have a stash of white mugs that I've bought at garage sales and Goodwill.  (I think they look classy.)

I also have no artistic ability.  So, I cheated.

I used stickers!

For this mug, I put the initial stickers in a funky, staggered layout (because I couldn't get them straight.)

I parked myself in front of the TV and started adding dots.  I picked one color because I wasn't too sure of my ability to make multiple colors look artistically random.

It dried quick, so I pulled off the stickers.

This one's ready for the oven!

My daughter did this one:

Same stickers, just a different technique.  I'm not ashamed to tell you that I didn't think of this one.  She's SO smart!

The flower mugs I did with vinyl.  I tried to freehand a flower on there and it looked bad.  Really, really bad.  So, I scrubbed it off and then cut out a shape with my sizzix on to some vinyl.

I plopped it on and then started drawing, adding dots and lines and filling in the space.  When the vinyl is pulled off. . .

Very cool.

Same technique with this one. . .

To get the paint to be permanent, put them in a cool oven.  I put them face down to make them more sturdy.  Turn the oven on to 375 and let it get up to heat.  When it does, time fifteen minutes and then turn the oven off.  Let the oven cool down with the mugs inside.

When it's nice and cool, take them out!  These have held up quite well!  I tried to scratch the paint off on several points and it's not coming!  They're permanent!

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