Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making Patches

My daughter is very hard on jeans.  She plays hard and is constantly putting holes in the knees.  I used to buy patches but I found a fun (and cheap) way to make our own.

To make patches, you need some fabric and some thick Heat N Bond.  I always have scraps of fabric laying around, so I use those.  I also usually keep Heat N Bond around because it's cheap and fun to use.

Iron your fabric and then iron a piece of Heat N Bond to the back. 

The top fabric is Duck Fabric left over from my drying rack.  The bottom is a cotton print.  Believe it or not, the thinner cotton works better and lasts longer.

Cut around your design.
I've also cut large shapes out of the fabric.  Circles, squares and scallops look nice.

Take the paper off from the back and iron on over your hole.  I usually iron the jeans and then trim threads before ironing on.



I did two pair of jeans.

This hole was much bigger!
The patches are durable and last!  Sometimes, if the hole is really big, I sew around the edge of the patch.  I did on this one.

Easy Peasy. 

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