Thursday, February 6, 2014

Decorating Buckets

My daughter is in desperate need of some organizing.  She's incredibly creative and has a tenancy to hoard things most people would consider trash.  Because of this, things tend to pile up.  Her idea of cleaning up and mine are very different.  That's actually saying quite a bit because MY idea of cleaning up and my mom's idea of cleaning up are very different.  It's probably a good thing Sammy ended up as my daughter and not my mom's!

Every once and again I will raid her room while she's at school.  I end up filling several trash bags with trash.  She comes home and is upset with me but, being the good sport that she is, she gets over it pretty quick.  Today was a day I raided her room.

She had a lot of little things that needed to find a home.  There were a ton of beads, markers, rubberbands, stamps and stickers just laying around, needing a place to be.

This was my solution:

I had a bunch of Smencil (like pencils, just smelly) buckets that I grabbed from a teacher who was ready to chuck them out.  I added some paper and ribbons and found a home for the little stuff.

Cut the paper to fit. . .

I used spray adhesive.  This stuff is very light, not snotty like some other brands.  I sprayed both the bucket and the paper and applied it.

As you can see, the paper didn't make it all the way around.  I'm fine with that. . . they'll be on a shelf and not out for view.  I could have used fabric or wrapping paper if I needed it to go all the way around. 

I added a ribbon. . . 

. . . and took them to her room and stuck them on shelves, filling them up!

For those who look and say that it's still a mess. . . yes, yes it is.  This is a MASSIVE improvement, though.  You can actually see the table top.

Total cost to me. . . zero.  I used scrapbook paper I had, buckets I rescued and ribbon I had on hand.  It was also a quick project from start to finish so there's not much invested in this. 

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