Saturday, January 25, 2014

Playing with Rit Dye

My daughter has a shirt that fits really well but has a stain. I've tried and tried but I was not able to get it out. 

Cute Shirt
Sad stains!
 You can't really see it but there's a lot of little blue stains all over the bottom of the shirt.

I took some blue dye. . . .

Mixed it up in a bucket. . . .

And plopped in the shirt.  I went on a hunt for some more things to dye because it was a shame to waste a bucket of blue!

I found these. . . .
A very nice sweater that I never wear because it's see thru

Assorted Scarves

Fits great but so see thru!

This is one of the girl's.  It's SO dingy!

And the results!

My see-thru T. . .Love this!

Sammy's stained shirt. . . what an improvement!

Disappointed with this one. . . it just looks dingy now.   I'll bleach it and see if I can get it back to its original see-thru state.

But the hanger ribbon. . . I love the color! 

Love this one!

This didn't take much dye but at least it isn't the pukey yellow it was.

I do love this one!  It turned out great and I like that the stitching didn't take dye so there's some contrast stitching.

If I do it again:
I would crumple up the shirts more.  I like the speckled look a lot!

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