Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crafting Fail - Ironing Tissue Paper Between Waxed Paper

Happy New Year!  May your 2014 be your most blessed year so far!

I thought I would start out the New Year by posting a crafting fail.  I saw this neat idea on that included punching out hearts from tissue paper and ironing them between waxed paper.  I was looking for a nice way to wrap lotion bars for Christmas gifts and I thought this might be a good solution.

I did deviate and decide to use whole pieces instead of punches.  I picked my paper. . . ..
. . . and ripped off sheets of waxed paper.  The goal was to melt the wax on the waxed paper enough to stick to the tissue paper.

I layered a paper towel, my waxed paper, tissue paper, a second sheet of waxed paper and another paper towel on top.  I set my iron to low. . .

. . . nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.

You all know I'm renowned for my patience (:snicker:) and so I cranked the heat up to medium.  Nope.  Not working.  I went slower.  Nothing.  I cranked it up some more.  Not happening. 

By this time I'm a tad torked and I take one layer of waxed paper off because, really, I don't need two.  I change out the paper towel for an old pillow case, add water to my iron and blast it with some steam.  This works.

Waxed paper side. . .

Tissue Side. . .

I decide I've figured out the trick of it all so I start with sheet number two, thirty minutes after starting sheet number one.

Five minutes into the blasting steam on to the waxed paper I'm realizing it's not working anymore.

I give up. (Cue sad music.)


I remembered I found a can of Scotch Spray Adhesive when I was thinking about cleaning up my crafting hole.  It's not the snotty kind of adhesive.  It's really light and doesn't do much for a tough stick job but for this. . . it might work!  I sprayed a light layer, laid down the non cooperating waxed paper and in less than five seconds had a sheet of pretty waxed paper to put my lotion bars in.

For me the ironing didn't work because:
1. I used whole sheets of tissue paper.
2. I wasn't patient enough.
3. I found spray adhesive and don't have a reason to do the ironing thing anymore.

I'm actually quite stoked that I found this trick.  I don't think it would be a good idea to do it with food but for anything non-foody that needs a layer of waxed paper, it would be great!

Happy, Happy New Year. 


  1. I believe the trick was to sandwich the cutouts between the wax paper and the paper would stick to itself, just like we use to do with fall leaves or crayon shavings. Glad you found something that worked for you.