Saturday, November 30, 2013

Playing with the Camera

We have had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend sitting on our duff doing absolutely nothing.  It's been quite enjoyable!

My Christmas Cactus bloomed, much to my surprise.  I almost killed this thing five years ago so I tossed it outside during the summer and promptly forgot about it.  I thought the heat would kill it but it thrived.

I brought it in before the first freeze that year and it bloomed. 

That's been my plan of care every year since.  Every year it blooms and every year I'm amazed.

I was playing around with some of the settings on my camera including the manual focus.  I used my blooming cactus as a subject.

Take a look at these beauties!

Don't be too impressed. . . for every great photo there were a dozen not so great/needed to be deleted photo.  I'm thrilled to have gotten these, though!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Craft Show Update and Thanksgiving

She did it!  She brought her stuff, set up a BEAUTIFUL display and almost sold out of EVERYTHING!  She sold all of her cracked marble necklaces, all but one marble necklace and all but three of the bent nail crosses (I will show you those soon. . . promise!)  Her "refashioned" necklaces didn't go as well as everything else but she did sell SO MANY!  She decided she over priced those (they were five bucks each) but I wouldn't let her mark them down.  I know my sisters will love them as Christmas gifts and, frankly, five bucks each is a steal.  At a craft show that WASN'T at an elementary school people would gladly pay double for the same things.  Her stuff is cute.

The bookmarks didn't go as fast as I thought they would.  She only charged a buck for those so they were a great price (considering that wholesale the crystals are around fifty cents apiece)  but I really think people don't read real books anymore.  Live and learn.  She brought forty and took home about a dozen so they still sold. . . just not as well as I had thought.

She earned a whole lot more than she had expected and beat all her previous years' sales except for the year she and her brother sold bottle cap necklaces.  That year they split the money, though, so she ended up with more this year.  She's overly generous and makes her list of who to buy for; she usually has to rethink it after the show.  I think that this year she may be able to buy her "first choice" for everyone!  She's pretty excited!

I was also impressed as to how she handled her booth.  I sat in the back and didn't do a thing.  I wanted her to run it since it was her stuff.  She did great!  It's always a good moment when, as a parent, I can look at my child and think, "wow!  I did something right!"

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  We have a ton to be thankful for this year and I am grateful for the day that is set aside to remind us to slow down and acknowledge and give thanks for what we have.  I try to teach my children to show gratitude and give thanks each day but, sometimes, we forget.  Thanksgiving seems to help me recenter and regroup. 

I hope everyone can find something to be thankful for this year. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easy Crystal Bookmark

The beautiful young lady I am lucky enough to call my daughter came up with these gorgeous bookmarks.

Here's a close up of the end.


You can hang anything you like from the end.  I happened to have a bajillion Swarovski crystal hearts already on jumprings down in my craft/junk area.  

Attach your charm to a larger jump ring.  These are 16mm.

Take a length of ribbon and loop it through the larger jump ring. 

You are finished!  Cheap and elegant!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Passing the Torch

Last November was my very last trade show that I participated in.

I miss it.  Kind of.

I love making the stuff.  I don't particularly care for selling it.  I don't do well putting a price on my things and my taste is so. . . me.  I'm always shocked when people like my stuff!

My daughter is participating in her school's Merry Market this year.  Our spare time this month has been preparing for it.

She has pendants made out of old earrings.

She spent all day yesterday making these adorable bookmarks.  Wait three days for the uber simple tutorial!
We cracked marbles last week to make these awesome pendants.
Some of the earrings made better keychains than necklaces:

And the super cool marble necklaces for the kids with everything!
Look at all this stuff!

She's working hard!  We have one more trick up our sleeves involving nails, colored wire and fake leather. . . stay tuned!

Best of luck to her!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sizzix Box

I have a Sizzix Die Cut machine.  Every once and again I sit down with some scrapbook paper, cut out boxes and put them together.  I keep them in a tote for whenever I need a quick way to make a gift pretty.

This was one that I grabbed for a good friend's gift.
This little gem is made with glittered scrapbook paper and a chipboard flower.  I can get two boxes out of every sheet of scrapbook paper. 

Doing this ahead of time makes last minute gift giving easy.  I'm not a pre-planner so it's helpful to get ahead in other little ways!