Monday, December 23, 2013

Bent Nail Crosses

Awhile ago I said that I would post a project with nails and wire.  I never did.  Sorry.

I finally got off my duff and here it is!

These are my Bent Nail Crosses.

You need four Delta nails and about six feet of colored wire.  Your nails need to be bent.

Here's the thing.  These nails are a pain in the rear to bend.  You over bend and they snap when you try to fix it.  You under bend and the cross doesn't line up right.  I have gone through an entire box of nails to get four nails.  Practice makes perfect, though.

You could also buy them pre-bent.   Look for prebent disciple cross nails.

There are a ton of tutorials on how to do this.  The way I do it is a tad bit different than most tutorials I've viewed.  It's easier for me this way.  I also shuffle cards backwards (with my thumbs, not my fingers) so this might just be me.   

I always start with the two nails that will make up the bottom of the cross.  Start wrapping your wire around the nails to hold them together.  I use a clamp to help.

Put together the top of your cross.  Clamp and continue to wrap.

Clip, tuck and start on the arms of the cross.  I always work from the center out. 

Finished!  This does take a bit of practice so make sure to use cheap wire to practice.  I like the colored aluminum wire. . . it's soft and cheap.  Thread a cord through the top and you have a nice necklace to wear!

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