Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Tee Alteration

Another Tee alteration?  Really?

If you haven't figured it out, t-shirts are my absolute favorite thing to wear.  I don't think I've ever gone a day without wearing one whether it be under my favorite sweatshirt, with a cardigan over it or with scarves to dress it up.  I don't do fancy. 

We have a tie dye Spirit Day at our school twice a year.  I own no tie dye so I've never participated but I found this beauty at a garage sale recently.

It fit okay but the sleeves are at that weird freakish length. . . too long to be short and too short to be elbow.

It's 100% cotton so I decided to cut the hems off.

I also cut the bottom hem and the neckline hem.  Give the hems a little tug and they now roll.

Tug some more and you don't need to stitch!

I'm going to give this a wash in hot and blast it in the dryer and the hems will stay rolled.  It's a very relaxed shirt!

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  1. Looks a lot nicer now too! I will try tugging the edges on my next T Shirt project, then wash it in hot water and dry it in the dryer. I'm always afraid of shrinking the T-shirt so I use cold water & hang dry it....probably why my cut edges never stayed rolled. Thanks for sharing this project.