Monday, November 18, 2013

Passing the Torch

Last November was my very last trade show that I participated in.

I miss it.  Kind of.

I love making the stuff.  I don't particularly care for selling it.  I don't do well putting a price on my things and my taste is so. . . me.  I'm always shocked when people like my stuff!

My daughter is participating in her school's Merry Market this year.  Our spare time this month has been preparing for it.

She has pendants made out of old earrings.

She spent all day yesterday making these adorable bookmarks.  Wait three days for the uber simple tutorial!
We cracked marbles last week to make these awesome pendants.
Some of the earrings made better keychains than necklaces:

And the super cool marble necklaces for the kids with everything!
Look at all this stuff!

She's working hard!  We have one more trick up our sleeves involving nails, colored wire and fake leather. . . stay tuned!

Best of luck to her!!!

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