Monday, October 14, 2013

Minecraft Bulletin Board

This project is on my other blog but I wanted to share it here because it was a ton of fun to do.

The kids and I created a huge Minecraft bulletin board.

It took four packs of paper from Michaels to do this.  I bought the $3.99 packs when they had a 50% off sale so this bulletin board cost me $8.00 plus a ton of glue to do.

The kids were tickled with their creation and my daughter is beyond proud when she walks into my class!  It took a few hours, some patience and a ton of glue to do this but it was worth it.  The best part was when my kids pulled up the game and showed me how "real" we made this look!  My son even got involved.  This rarely happens so I would have been happy even if it didn't turn out.

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