Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clip On Earring Pendants

My daughter has a booth at her school's Merry Market and she needs to make items to sell.  One of the things she has decided to make is pendants.  She's been scouring garage sales for mismatched and clip on earrings to make her baubles with.

Here are two pendants she made from clip on earrings.

The one on the left is upside down so you can see the back. 

Here's how she did it.

Start with your supplies.
You need your jewelry, E6000 glue, some cutters and some bails.  She uses a bunch of different ones; these happen to have a back plate with them.

You need to make the back of your jewelry piece smooth so you can glue a bail to it. 

You will want to use your cutters and cut off the back.

Apply a liberal amount of E6000 to both pieces and press together.  Let it bond.  You will need to let it sit for three days to completely bond.

Easy easy!  Thread a chain or velvet ribbon through the bail and you have a pretty, unique piece of jewelry. 


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