Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cheap, Meaningful Art

We are lucky enough to have a guest bedroom with a bathroom.  I was cleaning the bathroom in anticipation of a visitor when I decided to do something about this:

It's a tall, skinny blank wall in the bathroom.

I had a clock hanging there but the clock was noisy and ran on batteries.  It would constantly die and I wouldn't know it.  It was a waste of batteries and my guests would usually take it down and pull the battery, anyway. 

I've always kept my eye out for a nice piece of art to hang when I am at garage sales but I have not found something I'm willing to pay for.

I found a really neat painting my son did last year in fifth grade.  I also found a frame that I had picked up long time ago and tossed into a drawer.

I had to trim the painting before I could frame it but it is poster paints on a piece of construction paper so I just cut it with scissors.

I thought about taking the glass out since it's a bathroom and I don't want condensation to get trapped between the painting and the glass.  However, it's a guest bath and isn't used often; I decided it would be fine.

My wall looks great!

If I do it again:

I would decide where I wanted the picture to hang by holding it up.  There were three holes made before a final decision was made.  Whoops!

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