Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taking Off Some Length

I found this skirt:

My professional photographer got me mid stride.

And mid turn.  I gave up and took it off.  Here it is on the table.

It was too long, the waistband had some weird fake tie thing on it and the elastic was a quarter inch wide.  Weird.

I chopped off the top.

I then folded it over and sewed it to make a new casing for the elastic.
 Leave a space to thread your elastic through.

Measure out your elastic and thread it through. 

Sew the elastic together, sew up your "hole" and wear it!  It's now a great length!  I'd try it on an show you a pic but my photographer had to go to bed.  Maybe next time. . .

If I do it again:

I would sew the elastic right to the fabric instead of making a casing. 

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