Monday, August 19, 2013

New Blog Title

Just a quick update. . .

If you followed my other blog. . . the one with bulletin boards and other boring teacher stuff. . . I want you to know I changed the address.  And the title.  And, in a few days, the banner.  Oy.

My old blog with the new title is: (drumroll, please) TEACH THE BITS AND BYTES.  You can find it here:

Someone suggested that I change my name so people can figure out that I'm a technology teacher from the title.  She suggested it would make it easier for people to find me.

She's right.  I appreciated the comment and I got to thinking.

I wanted something that reflected the tech part.  And something that was witty.  And something that was a tad funny.

That title was taken.

So were the next twenty I thought of and tried.

This one was available and I kind of liked it.  Change your bookmarks!  Update your Google Reader.  We've moved on from making them think to teaching the bits and bytes.  It's a good move.

See you all there!

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