Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cleaning an Outdoor Rug

I have the prettiest rug for my patio.  It's an indoor/outdoor rug and I love the colors.  I love the feel.  I love the look. 

It got gross.

See the ick?  There's mildew and mold and rust and dirt and grass and gross on the rug.  It wasn't pretty anymore.

I took it out to the driveway and hosed it off.  That didn't do much.

I sprinkled some Comet bathroom cleaner on it and scrubbed it in using the brush I use in the bathtub.  I let it sit in the sun for a few hours.  I rinsed and let it dry. . . .

It didn't do a thing for the rust but the rest off the grossness is gone!  Yeah!

If I do it again:

I'll probably go straight bleach and hope it doesn't ruin the rug.  Mildew really grosses me out.

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