Monday, July 1, 2013

USA Plaque

This project was an absolute no cost project!  I wanted to do something for the outside of our house for the Fourth of July.  I thought and I thought and I thought. . . . and this is what I came up with!!!

I love it!  My daughter and I did this project together and had a blast!

We found a piece of wood in the scrap pile that we thought we'd use.  It was about a foot wide and three feet long.

I found three pieces of scrapbook paper that was somewhat patriotic looking.  These weren't specifically meant to be the patriotic type but it works!  I found a cute font online and printed the letters USA on to three different pieces of paper.  (The font I used is called "A Yummy Apology from 1001 free fonts).

Don't remember how to outline your letters in Word?  Check out my tutorial HERE.

Cut out with some sharp scissors.  We knew our board was too long so to decide where to cut it we set it up on the board and marked where it would look best.

We lopped it off and then painted the board white.

To make it a bit more of a whitewashed look, we crumpled up a piece of paper.

Rubbing it on the wet board will take off some of the paint and let the wood show through.

After that dried, we added a layer of modpodge.

While wet, we put our letters on the board.  We laid the U and the A first, then centered the S.

Notice we have the A backwards?  We didn't right away.  When we realized it and pulled it off, there was some white on the red A.  It looked cool so we went with it.

Paint a layer of modpodge over the top of the letters to seal them in.

Let it dry.

We thought it was kind of plain so we decided to jazz it up with blue!

I ripped off a piece of an old washcloth to do this next technique.

Put your paint color on something disposable.  Dip your cloth in the paint and dab it off.  Decide how far in you want your color to come in and start there.  Brush the color OFF the board.  Start inside, push to the outside.

When your color lightens too much, re-dip your cloth in the paint.  I like to go over each area a few times to blend in the lighter and darker.

Let dry.

The final step was to spray it with a clear acrylic sealer.

It was a bit windy!


We decided to lean our plaque vs. hanging it.  We have a spot it would look nice hanging but we did decide it looked better leaning.  If you want to hang yours, use a staple gun and staple some twine to the back as a hanger.

Total cost:  $0 
I had all supplies I needed.  Yeah!

Suggested supplies:
Three pieces of scrapbook paper, cut to 8 1/2 x 11 or to fit in your printer
scrap wood - we used plywood
mod podge
brushes, fabric, paper for painting

If I do it again:

This was fun because it was fast, low effort and I had everything I needed.  I would love to do something for the other holidays with this technique. . . NOEL or JOY for Christmas, BOO for Halloween, etc.

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