Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Yard = Battlefield

When the temperatures soar, the kids bunk down inside the house and turn on the electronics.  That's okay. . . sometimes.  But sometimes I want them up, running around and having fun.  

My husband and I spent a half hour filling up a bucket with water balloons.  We didn't tell the kids; they were so enthralled with their Minecraft game they didn't notice.

We loaded up two water guns and hid them in the front yard.  This bucket was taken to the corner of our back yard and left with this note:

I called the kids down, sent them to the backyard to find it and my husband and I took off for the front yard.

A battle ensued!  TWO HOURS later we called it quits!  Most of us were soaked.  I had a few dry spaces left that my son took care of with a well timed, devious hug with his sopping wet self.

The kids are already talking about doing this again, but they get the water guns this time!  As I was cleaning up all the little pieces of balloon that were everywhere, we had neighbors coming out to comment on our family fight.  It seems that we made an impressive amount of noise and had an impressive amount of fun.  

There wasn't much prep time and it was a lot of fun to do.  I will be keeping my eyes out for some other fun ways to get my kids out from in front of the computer this summer (says the one on the computer right now!!).

If I do it again:

This is a request from my daughter and something I didn't know!  Turns out, if you leave AIR in the water balloon it bounces instead of breaking.  She asked that I squeeze the air out before tying the water balloon next time so that she could have more hits.   There was a time where she nailed me right in the arm with a water balloon and it bounced off and landed on the ground before breaking.  I had no idea that was why!!!

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  1. That's adorable. I'm 60 now and my kids are young adults, but when I look back on those years when they were "carpet bugs", I realize I took things too seriously and worked too hard. What I wouldn't give now for a renewed perspective on what's valuable in life and redo it for even a day...

    This water battle (and I can HEAR the giggles and squeals!) is just the ticket for putting aside the Big People Stuff and having a go at letting the little kid in you be a little kid...with your kids! Well done! (MORE!! MORE!!)