Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Soda Slush

It's hot outside!  This is a great project to do with the kids.

For every slush, you need an UNOPENED bottle or can of soda.

Shake it up.  Shake it hard.  You want a LOT of pressure to be built up in that can.

Toss it into the freezer for at least four hours.  A half hour before you want to eat your slush, put a cup or bowl into the freezer, too.

It's time!

Open your can or bottle VERY slowly.  Crack it and let the pressure slowly seep out.

Pour it into your chilled bowl.  A black bowl was not a good choice for photographs!

Your soda will slush up when it hits the chilled bowl!  If it doesn't, toss in an ice cube.  That will be the bit of cold it needs to slush.

There is a scientific reason that this happens.  When you shake the bottle or can, you are increasing the pressure inside the can.  When it's in the freezer, you lower the temperature of the liquid to below freezing but it won't freeze because of the pressure!  When you release the pressure and pour it into a chilled bowl or cup, it will freeze.   As you have probably figured out from my description, I'm not a scientist and this is an over simplified explanation! 

FYI - if you release the pressure too fast, it will slush up in the bottle or can.  If it's in a bottle, it's not a big deal because you can squeeze the bottle and get it out.  If it slushes in the can, you can stick a straw in it and sip it but it's hard to squeeze out!

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