Friday, June 28, 2013

Upcycled Necklace Organizer

Do you have one of these?
It opens up into a dart board with a chalk board to keep score.

I found one for ten bucks at a flea market and turned it into a much needed space to store my necklaces.

The outside. . . .

. . . and the inside.

As you can see I have a lot of necklaces.  They usually sit on my sink in a big tangle so I can never find what I'm looking for.

I started out by pulling the dart holder and hook off the inside.
The doors are nice and thick and would hold a hook nicely but the back is really thin particle board.  I went through our scrap pile and found a few thin pieces I could cut to fit inside the piece.

I cut it to length and had to stack the boards together to make the width.

They fit so I stapled them together.

At this point I gave the entire cupboard a coat of paint.  I used a $2.49 sample of Valspar I got from Lowes.  I thought the color would be a bit different. . . it has a purple hue that I wasn't expecting but I think I love.

While I was waiting for the cupboard to dry, I upholstered the boards.  I used a piece of mattress pad that I bought for a quarter at a garage sale long time ago.  I also found some fantastic chevron fabric in a fantastic color that I loved. . . it took a quarter yard.  Upholster it and staple.

When it was upholstered, I drilled some holes through the fabric and put in some white hooks.  I got the packages of five for 98 cents apiece at Lowe's.

I wanted to put hooks on the door and I wanted it to look nice so I cut two pieces of mat board (cardboard would work well) to the sizes I wanted.

I wrapped those in fabric and duct taped to the back.  Hindsight being what it is, I should have used a spray adhesive.  Whoops.

I made another mistake.  I finished the piece and thought it needed something else so I added knobs.  Drill the hole at this point, not when you are all done and everything is put together.

Time to assemble!

After your paint has dried, put on your side panels.  I glued them on.

I then drilled through the fabric and screwed some hooks in.

Slide in the backing.

I used a staple gun and put four in the back to hold the piece in.  It fit snug.

That's it! 

The angle makes the knobs look crooked but, measurement wise, they're straight. 

The inside. . .

. . . and in use!

I need to mount this in the bathroom but I need to buy some command hooks to do this.  My husband has doubts about Command but I'm a believer.

Total cost for me:

Dart Board Cabinet:  $10
Valspar Paint $2.49
Fabric:  $2.45 (two 1/4 yard chunks)
Hooks:  $3.92 (4 at 98 cents apiece)
Wood: $0 (scrap pile)
Mat board, duct tape, glue, staples, etc. $0 (I had it all!)
Total: $18.86

If I do it again:

1.  I would drill the hole for the knob BEFORE gluing the fabric to the door.  I kind of messed it up.
2.  I would use spray adhesive to help the fabric sit better
3.  I would use more hooks!  I have a ton of necklaces!


  1. Put a decal or personalize the front doors, and you've got a GREAT Christmas gift! What woman wouldn't love to have a storage closet for their necklaces!?!

    1. I may add a nice decal on mine! It's a tad plain hanging in my bathroom. I've also thought about adding some burlap to the front in a small frame; this way I can hang my earrings on it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love it, very ingenious! Those blue fabrics are gorgeous. :o) Thanks for linking this up.

  3. Brilliant idea! I'll be on the look out for one of these now

  4. Awesome idea! Love the way this cabinet turned out and I adore the colors!. Thanks for sharing!