Sunday, June 16, 2013

T-Shirt Refashion

I have found a fantastic site that I have spent way too much time reading.  It's  Jillian refashions thrift store items into something wearable.  She's petite, cute and very talented.  I have no desire to spend that much time with my sewing machine but she did inspire me to take one of my favorite, but unwearable (in public) Ts and turn it into something I can wear in public.

Here's the before:

If you think it looks like a man's undershirt that's because it is.  It's a size medium and oh, so comfy.  It's also a tad see thru so I don't wear it in public.

I started by cutting off the neckline.  It's comfortable but not very fashion forward.

I also cut off the sleeve and bottom hems.

Since this is 100% cotton, I pulled on the cut hemlines and they rolled.

I tied a few knots in the shirt. . . .

. . . and pulled out a packet of dye.

I mixed up a half packet of dye in a pitcher of water and soaked my shirt in it for an hour.

After that hour I untied the knots, rinsed with cold water and washed in hot.  Here's the result:

Please excuse the weird bump on the side. . . not sure what that is!  The side view: 

And the back. . .

I like it a lot and I plan on wearing it in public!  

The coolest part of this shirt is that the threads didn't dye so I have this neat white stitching on the sides and shoulders. 

If I do it again:

I plan on looking for more dye-able Ts at garage sales.  It's a lot of fun!  I will try to do multi color next time.   

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