Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One More T-Shirt Skirt. . . for Me!

The last one this month, I promise!

I wanted a T-Shirt skirt for romping around the house but I am so very tall that finding a t-shirt that would be long enough after cutting is hard.  I thought I found one.

I cut it off under the arms and shirred the cut edge. 

I ended up sewing a few more times around. 

That's it!  I used the existing hem.

My daughter took the picture.  I tried to duplicate the pose she uses when having her picture taken but she does it much better!

Recognize the shirt?!?!  The kiddo needs to clean her room!

I do like the skirt but it will probably not be worn too much.  I don't like how tight it is across my butt.  I had to take it in because the shirt was too big around my waist.  I got a bit carried away.

Next time I will find a longer shirt closer to my size.  I could have also increased the tension in the bobbin but I didn't realize it until after I was finished sewing around seven times.  Whoops. 

If I do it again:

* I would pick a longer shirt in a smaller size
* I will increase the tension on my bobbin to shirr it a bit tighter
* I may use elastic instead of shirring if the shirt is too big.


  1. Looks like it would be just the thing for wearing around the house and farm.

    1. I actually made this a few weeks ago and have pulled it on for hanging around the house. It's hot here and the skirt is nice and cool! I do change before venturing out into the world, though, but I think it probably isn't necessary. I've always been more comfortable in pants. Growing up, skirts were for church on Easter and Christmas only. We wore slacks every other Sunday and jeans to school!