Monday, May 6, 2013

Hooded Towel Baby Shower Gift

When my husband was in the Air Force, everyone was having babies.  All the new moms requested that I make them a hooded towel as our baby gift to them.  Since it's cheap and easy, I was pleased to do so.

Since he has been out, I've tried to get crafty and creative and find other gift ideas.  I always end up coming back to these.  I even have a few in "big kid" sizes that my son has finally outgrown and my daughter still uses.  They are practical and nice to have.

This is what my gift looks like:

The purple is the hooded towel.  There's a bottle of baby shampoo and a rubber duck in there, too.

To make the towel, take a very cheap bath towel and a matching (or contrasting) hand towel.  I like the cheap ones because they aren't too thick.  Thick is great. . . for adults.  I liked the thinner ones for my babes.

Start by folding your hand towel in about one third.  You are making the depth of your hood.  If you fold it completely in half, the hood won't be very deep and your baby will outgrow it earlier.

Sew to attach it.  I've tried to mark it with very bad dotted lines!

If you want to add trim to your hood, now is the time.  I added a bit of white fluff to the edge of this one.  Do it on the fold on the edge.

To make your hood, fold the hand towel in half with the seam to the outside.  Sew along the side that doesn't have the fold. (See my bad dotted lines)

Flip right side out.  Your hood is done!

Find the middle of your big towel.  This is where the middle of the back of your hood will go.  I use the pressed fancy edge of the hand towel as a guide to decide where to sew the hood on to.

You are finished!  The towel looks great. . . pat yourself on the back!!!

The great thing about this is that it's very forgiving.  Pick a thread that matches your towel and no one will know if you can't sew a straight line or if you mess up.  Rick Rack (the big zig-zag stuff sold by the thread) looks awesome on the hood for boys.  Ribbon or fluffy stuff looks cute for girls.  You could go plain and not do any trim. . . your call!

I like to fold the towel up and fit it inside the hood to make a point.  I use a diaper pin to pin the edges together.  That makes the perfect pocket for the shampoo and the rubber duck.

Cello it up and you are done!

If I do it again:

I won't buy this kind of fluff for the edging anymore.  It was hard to sew and hard to keep straight.  I'll stick with the cheaper stuff.

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