Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brooch to Pendant Conversion

My daughter and I went to a few garage sales this weekend and found some junk jewelry.  She went bananas.  I may have, too.  I happen to love the idea of anything sparkly but I don't generally wear anything.  Some women can wear bling.  I am not one.

I came across some beautiful, sparkly brooches and fell in love.  I thought that they may make cute pendants to dress up the plain sweaters that seem to be my mainstay.  I don't wear pins (not sure how) but I have started to wear necklaces so I got busy!

These were my two favorite!  I started with the gold brooch.

Take a look at the back.  If your pin slips in this way, this is how you make a conversion.  It is permanent. . . make sure you NEVER want to wear this as a pin again!

Start by cutting the stick pin out of the mechanism.

That loop that the pin fits into to close?  We are going to take a pair of pliers and carefully close that loop up.  You need to go slow and gentle because it may snap if you are too rough, depending on the type of metal.  If you close it too much you probably won't be able to open it up again.

This one is good.

Thread a jump ring through the loop you created.  You are finished!  Thread a chain through the ring and you can wear it!
I don't have the perfect chain, yet.  I'm not normally someone who wears gold but this will look better with a gold chain.  I need to keep my eyes out at future sales!  I need something substantial, but not gaudy.

I love the shape!  (My daughter commented that it looked like a boob and proceeded to laugh for a full five minutes over her comment.  Glad I am a source of amusement in her life.)

The silver snowflake is my next brooch project.  I may keep that one as a brooch because it might look great with a scarf if I can get my sister to show me how that works.  We shall see!

If I do it again:

I would make sure to have a chain before starting the project!  I want to wear it and I can't!

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