Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Pendant That Originally Wasn't

I took the kids to the marble museum over spring break.  It was a fun trip and they each got to pick out something.

I drove them so I treated myself to a very cool six dollar key ring. 

I got home, intending on putting my school keys on the ring.  This key ring, though, was so cool.   I couldn't imagine it sitting in my desk all the time so I decided to turn it into a piece of jewelry.

This one was super easy.  I took the ring out and then threaded a piece of velvet rope through.  I crimped the ends, added a clasp and, viola!  Done!

I've received a ton of compliments on it and no one has said that it looks like a key ring!

If I do it again:

I should have bought a few more.  I think these would make great gifts.  The center is glass and they are handmade so each is different.  I think one of my sisters may enjoy one as a Christmas gift!

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