Monday, March 11, 2013

Tween Girl Party Games

The party was Saturday and Sunday we turned our clocks forward.  Apparently, I'm not into pre-planning.  If I was, I would have picked a different weekend for the party.  I'm dragging.

The party was fun.  The pillows were a hit!  It lasted two hours and was a success.

We started out making the pillows.  Because everyone finished at different times, I had a quick and easy craft for the ones who were done early to do.  They made flower pens.  (Post coming in three days!)

I cleared off the pillow mess and brought out three flavors of ice cream and five flavors of soda and let the girls make floats.  Some went back for seconds.  Some had fifths.  All enjoyed the floats!

And the games. . . oh, the games!  Those were fun!  I hit up the Michaels store for some fun prizes (they had a GREAT 50 cent sale going on) and wrapped them up so the girls wouldn't know what they were getting.  I had a good variety of fun little things and I awarded prizes to first, second and third place winners.  The games were all "Minute to Win It" style games.

Move the Cookie:  I gave each girl a cookie.  They had to put it on their forehead and move it to their mouth without touching the cookie.  If it fell off, they had to put it back on their forehead.

Balloon Blow:  I had three different colors of cups and the girls divided into three teams.  I put eighteen of each color of cup on the tables, mixed up, and gave each girl a balloon.  The girls had to blow the cups off the table using the air in their balloon.  They could blow it up as often as they needed.  The first team with their cups off the table won.

Suck up the Candy:  Each girl had a bowl of M&Ms and a straw.  They had to use the straw to suck up the candy and move it out of the bowl.  First three with empty bowls won.

Ping Pong Golf:  I took a to-go container and cut a hole in it.  The girls were given a paper plate and a ping pong ball.  They had to fan the ping pong ball into the styrofoam container.  I had to do two rounds of this. . . my kitchen wasn't big enough for all ten girls to go at once.

Static Head: I gave each girl a balloon to blow up and tie.  I gave them twenty seconds to create some static and then they had to let go of the balloon.  The balloon had to stay on their heads.  The last three standing got prizes.

At the end of the games I gave out prizes to the girls who had only one one or two prizes.  I called them the "best dressed", "best attitude", "cutest shoes", etc.  When everyone had prizes, they opened them all up and started trading.  That was fun to watch!

I am exhausted and I still have bits of balloon stuck to my couch.  I also have a floor to vacuum and dishes to be loaded into the dishwasher.  It was fun, though, and completely worth it.

If I do it again:

I would make sure to get some more prizes.  The girls had SO MUCH fun trading at the end!  Also, there was a bit of time at the end. . . we could have fit in another game.  The girls didn't notice; they played with the balloons and had a blast but I tend to like a bit of structure.  That, and I'm going to be finding balloon pieces all over for the next few weeks!


  1. Sounds ok I wouldn't do something like that sounds boring . And not worth it :p

  2. Sounds like something that girls would love thank you!

    1. i agree with you that really is going to help me because my birthday party is on the 16th.Thanks for your help!

  3. sounds fun! Another fun game would be Truth or Dare.

  4. Parties are special for everyone. They are kept for fun and enjoyment. Everyone plan it in their own way and want to enjoy it to the fullest. The above game looks wonderful and i can see that these girls are enjoying it a lot. I like the colorful balloons. Balloons look wonderful in decoration and children like playing with them a lot. There are so many different type of balloons available and they look wonderful.

  5. Thank you my young daughters and guest will have fun with these games. Thanks for the ideas :)

  6. This sounded boring.

  7. Sounds like a super boring party!!!

  8. These people on here saying it sounds boring are the probably the same people that drink with their teenagers. Smh.