Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tip: Reusing Coffeemate Bottles

I know Coffeemate isn't the best stuff for you but, man, it is good!

I love the shape of the bottles and save them all.  One of my favorite uses is as a water bottle.  My husband cringes when he sees me carrying one in public but it works better than a fancy store bought bottle.  The lid is completely spill proof and I don't get too upset if one is accidentally left somewhere.  It's durable; the kids have kicked one across the van before (quite by accident, I've been told).  It's cheaper than a water bottle and a lot cheaper than bottled water. 

I also use them for snacks.  It is a great way to store homemade trail mix or, my favorite, mixed raisins. 
This is the the mix of chocolate yogurt covered and vanilla yogurt covered raisins I like to have handy.

The containers are great for holding little crackers (goldfish, anyone?), small candies, cheerios and anything that would benefit from being shaken out into individual servings.  The lids are spill proof and moisture resistant so I can keep a container in the car for "emergency snacking".  They are also great for movie night. . . fill them with popcorn and give one to each of the kids.  Keeps the popcorn from migrating all over the floor.

Coffeemate bottles are one of my favorite things to reuse.  What do you use them for?

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  1. Brilliant!
    Gads...how long have I been adding CoffeeMate creamers to my coffee and NEVER considered ways to reuse the bottle...(guess I had to have it spelled out for me-hmmmm).
    And I've been very resourceful by making bird feeders from 1-qt. juice bottles - a whole feeder doesn't cost more than $1.50 (seeds extra!). So why I hadn't considered CoffeeMate bottles for reuse, I'll never know. It's the awesome top on those bottles that make them so useful...
    Great to have the tip!