Saturday, March 23, 2013

Outlining Your Letters in Microsoft WORD

I love making my own bulletin board letters.  I also love using the same techniques to make letters for crafting purposes.  I've done this technique for my kiddos and for my Sunday School class.  There's a ton of great uses for this trick!

There are some really great fonts out there.  My favorite site for free fonts is  The fonts are absolutely free and they have some really cute ones.  They do have outline fonts but I don't like being limited so I look for fonts that would look good outlined.  Pick one and download it.

First step is to type your message in a Microsoft Word Document.  Highlight the entire message and increase your font size to what you want.  If you want to go bigger than 72 (the highest "preselected" choice), click on the font size ribbon and type the number you want.  Hit ENTER and it will be increased to that size.

To outline your letters  highlight them.  (Put your cursor on one side, click with the mouse and drag it to the other side.  It will be  highlighted in blue. )  Select  FONT in the Font Group.  Click where the red arrow is showing.

Click on TEXT EFFECTS in the pop up menu.

On the TEXT FILL menu, select NO FILL.  (Red Arrow).  Click TEXT OUTLINE (blue arrow).

Click SOLID LINE (red arrow).  Select the color you want (blue arrow).  I chose black.

Click on OUTLINE STYLE (red arrow).  I like to pick the line type (blue arrow).  I chose the double line this time.  I also like my lines to be a little thicker. . . I increased the width to 4 pt for this example (green arrow).
Click OK at the bottom of the screen.  Click OK again.

Your letters are outlined!  I've increased the letters to 600 for bulletin boards and single letter art projects.  I've printed out names as coloring pages and increased the font to 200 for those.  This font is called "Creative Block Bold" and is on the 1001 Free Fonts website.

The possibilities are endless!  You could use these letters as pattern pieces for appliques, printables for kids or as a single letter wall art piece.   Print out your letters on to vinyl and cut them out for a custom message for your walls.  I have printed out the kids' names and let them decorate each letter with scraps of ribbons, paper and cut outs.  You could also cut out the letters with a hobby knife and use it as a stencil. 


  1. Thank you, just what I was searching for!

  2. Thank you!!! I wanted to make some adult color sheets based on words, and your instructions were perfection!!!