Friday, March 8, 2013

Flower Pillow

My daughter just had a birthday and we are celebrating with a party for her and eight other girls.  She wanted to do a really cool craft so we decided to make flower pillows.

These are fun and easy to do but the prep time takes a bit.

Start by drawing a circle on a piece of felt.  I doubled it up so I would only have to make one cut per pillow because I'm lazy.  Find three more circles, all smaller than the other, and draw those on the felt, too.  I used mixing bowls as my patterns.

Cut around the outer circle and sew it together, almost closed.  Stuff with fluff (I used the fake snow that was on clearance for 25 cents a bag at Michaels. . . yeah!) and sew closed.

On the "demo" pillow I made some felt leaves.  They didn't add much so I didn't cut any out for the girls to use.  If you want leaves, I'd recommend making them larger than I did.  I used the sewing machine to add the details.

Glue them on.

Cut out petals in three different sizes.  I eyeballed these.  You will need about twenty of each.

To add the dimension to the petals, I added a drop of glue and folded them in half.

I then glued them on, using a smaller petal for each layer.

I ended up using four layers of petals so I had to cut about forty of the medium sized petals.  If you do a smaller pillow, you wouldn't need as many.

To do the center, cut out some yellow circles.  I added a drop of glue in the middle and "squished" them together.

Glue those down with the edges facing up.

You are finished!

The prep time on these was obnoxious.  I turned on NCIS reruns and sat and cut petals for two hours.  With nine girls, I needed 360 of the medium sized petals and 180 of the other two sizes.  That could also be why I opted not to do the leaves.

When they arrive, each girl will be given the pillow that looks like a bulls eye and some fabric glue.  I'll have bowls of the petals out so that they can glue them on to their pillow.

If I do it again:
I would go a lot smaller on the pillows so that I would only need three rows of petals.  I would also find my fabric scissors from the get go. . . . someone borrowed them so I thought a pair of Scotch paper scissors would work just as well.  After the blister formed on my finger, I slapped a band-aid on it and demanded that my scissors be found.  If you are missing a pair of scissors, I would suggest looking under a ten year old boy's bed.



  1. my ten and twelve year old daughters and I made this great craft yesterday (March Break). We loved it! Thanks for the step by step instructions, it made it easy to visualize what to do next. I only burned myself twice on the glue gun!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Our break starts next week so I'm anticipating a fun filled week of crafts!