Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flower Pens

This is a quick and easy craft.  It is also VERY cheap so if you need a group project, this is it!

For three dollars, you can have a nice bouquet of flower pens.

For less than three dollars, I was able to make ten pens. 

You need a package of cheap pens (75 cents at WalMart), a cheap bunch of fake flowers (97 cents at WalMart for fake carnations) and a roll of floral tape (95 cents, WalMart).

This is what a package of floral tape looks like:

The roll is green, slightly sticky and sticks to itself well.  Once it drys, it isn't sticky anymore.

Start by using a pair of scissors and cutting the top off from your pen.  BE CAREFUL!  I did this for the girls who were doing this craft ahead of time because it does take a bit of force and could really cause some damage if you weren't careful.

Remove your flowers from the stem.  I got cheap ones so they just pulled right off.

Put a dollop of hot glue right inside the top of the pen and shove the little part of the stem of the flower right in there.  I sort of pushed the pen innards aside so the flower could sit right on top.

Take your floral tape and start wrapping the pen from the bottom, up.  Use your fingers to smooth out any lumps, bumps or folds.

When you get to the top, either cut the tape or put your finger on it and snap it off. 

Finished!  The pens were easy to make and cheap so the girls could bring home a few.

If I do it again:

I would love to have a little bouquet of these sitting on my counter.  I am constantly losing pens in this house!  I see nice flowers at garage sales all the time. . . come spring I will start keeping my eyes open for a bunch I can convert.

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