Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stretching Shoes

I have big feet.  I also like to walk around barefoot.  Because of this, my feet are always bumping into or catching on things and I have broken my toes on quite a few different occasions.  This actually happens so often that I quit going in for an x-ray when I do it. . . they normally tape it up, stick me in a flat shoe thing (which I ditch after a day or so) and tell me to wait it out.  Since I hate paying the co-pays for medical advise and treatment I don't bother to follow, I opt out.

As a result, I have a few odd lumps and bumps on my feet and my feet don't match.  I find breaking in shoes to be a trial.

I've found a good way to break in my dress shoes.

I put on my thickest pair of wool socks and squeeze my feet into the shoes.  It's not comfortable. . . quite painful sometimes. . . but it doesn't last long and the results are so much better than blisters for a week while trying to break them in by normal wear.

Cute, right?

I take my blow dryer and turn it on the hottest setting.  While wearing my shoes and forcing my feet to bend, I train the air on the spots that are rubbing and uncomfortable.  This takes about ten minutes per shoe.

Keep the shoes on, walking if you are able, until they have fully cooled.  I try to keep them on for another fifteen minutes or so.

When you take them off, you will notice that they've stretched to the shape of your foot!  I have mostly narrow feet so I can't buy wide width shoes without them flopping off.  Normal width rub on a few areas so this is a good solution for me. 

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