Friday, January 25, 2013

T-Shirt Shrug

I saw a few really cute T-shirt shrugs that people made out of too small t-shirts.  I don't have a lot of too small t-shirts. . . mostly mine are too short.  I buy a larger size for the length and then end up hating them.

This was one of those t-shirts.

 The shirt is too big and the sleeves and length are too short.  I love those stripes, though!

I turned it into this:

It's not uber flattering. . . the stripes go in a weird direction now. . . but it's comfy and dresses up my t-shirts a bit.

Start by cutting a line in the FRONT of the shirt only straight up the middle.

Cut off the collar.

Turn the shirt inside out and pin about an inch in.

Make sure to round your corners as best as you can.  These aren't rounded enough and I had to redo.

Sew right on the edge of the cut side to make a little channel or pocket for your tie.

Flip right side out.

 Find something to use as a tie.  I picked organdy ribbon and hate it.  I may have to buy something else since I don't have anything in my stash that would look good with these colors.

Put a safety pin on one side to help feed it through the channel you made.

Push it through and trim.

To wear it, put it on and cinch it up.  The organdy ribbon won't lay straight so I want to get some nice grosgrain or something else.  The organdy is also quite scratchy.

You will have to readjust during the day and keep the gathers from bunching up right around the bust area.  It was just a few times I moved it around and I was pretty active!

If I do it again:

1.  No organdy ties.  They're itchy and won't lay flat.
2.  No stripes.  They are kind of pointing up at my face.  It might be because I know what this shirt looked like before but I prefer the stripes going straight across.
3.  I will use a solid color.
4.  I will round my corner up at the neckline better.  The first time I did it it kind of poofed out because mine wasn't rounded enough.

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