Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sweater Hats

Happy New Year!

With the holidays, I took a little break from crafting and blogging.  It took most of my efforts to keep up with the massive amount of dishes produced from the massive amount of food I was cooking for company.  The company has left and the washing machine has started a marathon session so I've sat down to write about a project my daughter and I did yesterday.

My father in law sent my daughter two of my late mom in law's sweaters.  They are nice sweaters but didn't fit her and were a bit out of style.  They also had some holes in them so I decided to re-purpose them into something usable.

We made these:

The red sweater is one of my old sweaters that no longer holds its shape.  It made a pretty cute hat!

The steps are easy.

Lay out your sweater.  I flipped it inside out so that I didn't have to re-match up sides just in case my cutting wasn't even.

We picked a hat that we currently wear and like and used it as a template.  I wanted mine to be a bit looser so I cut a bit wider than the hat.

Sew up the cut sides.

Voila!  You have a hat!

Here is my super cute, very professional model showing us some of the hats.  I am sorry. . . she's in an exclusive contract with me so you can't have her SEVENTEEN and TEEN MAGAZINE!

 Got Milk?
If I do it again:

I wouldn't cut the red hat so wide.  I tossed the sweater into the scrap pile because it doesn't hold its shape.  The hat fit me great for the first five minutes then it started sliding down my head.  I resewed the seams while it was out of shape and it fits much better.

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