Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mason Jar Pump Dispenser

I am getting ready to try out a new ~somewhat~ homemade lotion and I need a place to put it if it turns out well.  I can always use more lotion or soap dispensers around the house, too.

One think I have a LOT of is mason jars.  I decided to use one with a chipped lip (bad for canning, good for crafts) for this project.

You can use a metal ring with the metal lid but I have a serious rusting problem in my house.  I didn't want the ring to end up rusting within a few months so I decided to use a plastic lid that fits for this project.

You need:

*a lid that fits (try a mayo lid for a regular jar or a Miracle Whip lid for a wide mouth jar)  You can use a metal lid if you wish.
* a pump dispenser.  I pulled one from an empty bottle of Bath and Body Works antibacterial soap that I was going to recycle.
* drill with bit (I used a 5/8 bit and it fit perfectly)
* strong glue
*mason jar

Start by drilling a hole right in the center of your lid.  You can always put a piece of duct tape over the spot you will be drilling if you think your lid might crack.

Make sure that the bottom part of your pump fits into the hole.

Put a layer of glue around the "screw" part of your lid and around the outside of the hole.  Push your pump through.

I added a layer of glue around the inside of the lid, kind of like caulk.  I used a Qtip to smooth it out.

Let dry!

When you are done, fill it with your lotion or soap.  You have a nice soap dispenser that is easily cleaned!

If I do it again:

I would try to find a pump that goes to the bottom of the jar.  I could also use a smaller jar and cut the pump.

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