Monday, January 14, 2013

Lotion Mix or ~Somewhat~ Homemade Lotion

For those that read this blog regularly, you know I make lotion bars.  These are wonderful, solid bars of lotion that you rub on to your hands (or other body parts) and your body heat causes the lotion to slightly melt and coat said body parts.  The recipe is here.

 Those that know me also know that I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe.  I don't like sharing my lotion bars.  They're also a little inconvenient for use at work since my desk space is limited and I don't like chunking the lotion bar into a bag.  I like it sitting out on a nice little soap dish or tray (and I'm a bit particular.  Sue me.)

I have very dry skin, especially on my hands.  My hands tend to crack and bleed at some point during the winter.  Those days are here.

I found a recipe online for some hand lotion that is essentially a mix of hand lotions.  She mixed baby lotion, Vaseline, and Vitamin E oil together to make her own mix.  She said it was great!  (Read about it here)

I  looked for the ingredients she used  but couldn't find the vitamin E cream and Vaseline just grosses me out for some reason.  I thought about WHY her lotion works well and decided it was because she combined the lotions with her favorite results to get a great big result.  That's what I did.

My lotion takes two ingredients.

I combined baby lotion and Eucerin Aquaphor hand cream together.  If you don't know, Eucerin Aquaphor is the consistency of very thick Vaseline without the icky smell.  It is the most effective lotion for me but I have to use it at night because it doesn't absorb quickly and leaves sort of a film over the top of your hands.  I picked baby lotion because it DOES absorb quickly and leaves your skin soft - at least for a few minutes.  I hate how quickly it washes off, though.

I put a big dollop of Eucerin in with the entire bottle of baby lotion.  My Eucerin container held 14 ounces. . . I used a third of that.

Mix with a mixer until fluffy (like whipped cream frosting. . . mmmm!)

I added a dropper of Jasmine essential oil since I'm probably the only person in the world who hates the smell of baby lotion.  This isn't necessary if you don't have my sensitive schnoz.

I put it into my new pump dispenser.  It works beautifully!  I had intended on taking this to work but that's a quart sized jar and there is a few issues.  First, it's big and I have limited space.  Second, my husband laughed himself sick and uttered the word "redneck" while gasping for air.  I don't think it's the mason jar he's laughing about. . . mason jar dispensers are quite popular right now. . . I think it's the SIZE that he can't handle.

The lotion is a tad oily so I can't use too much.  For someone who is used to using two or three pumps because my hands are THAT DRY, this is good news.  I like how quickly it absorbs but it does last for hours.  This is also great news!

It's not cheap.  Eucerin is very expensive (my 14 ounce jar was 13 dollars) but this is one of those things I will end up splurging on since it works.

If I do it again:

I have heard that there is an apple scented baby lotion.  I will try that one next!  I don't care for the smell of baby lotion and the lavender scented one is way too strong of a scent.

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